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Are you a manufacturer of an AMAZING product that you would like to sell on Amazon. Or, do you already have a product on Amazon that is not selling well?

We have the knowledge, expertise and specialist tools that will demystify the Amazon ecosystem, boost your product up Amazon’s Best Seller Rank and increase your sales and revenue.

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To drive your product to the top of Amazon’s Best Seller Rank, you need:

  • High Ratings
  • High Sales

With our formula you can drive your product litsting up Amazon’s Best Seller Rank and watch you sales and revenue grow.

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Customers buy products when they are easily able to understand the perceived benefits.

We understand that having a well optimized product listing that instantly communicates the benefits of the product is key to converting browsers to buyers.

Watch your sales and revenue increase!

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About Us



ASC Consulting (ASCC) was created by Elaine Robinson and Deidre Houston who recognized that there are a vast majority of businesses that are not realizing the revenue potential of their products on Amazon even though this online giant boasts 50 – 70 million Prime members who choose to buy on Amazon specifically.

Having experience selling products on Amazon, these two entrepreneurs realized that part of the reason for this mismatch is because of the challenges that Amazon can present when there is a misunderstanding of Amazon’s complexities. Also, while Amazon can present many hurdles, it is well reported that Amazon can achieve more sales for many businesses than virtually any other channel. With that backdrop ASCC was created to assist Amazon sellers – companies, businesses and individuals – to increase rank and revenue on that platform.

ASCC is a division of Smiling Web Design, a 20 year BBB A+ Accredited business. Smiling Web Design LLC BBB Business Review

We have offices in the US and Australia. We cover your Amazon product 24×7 as a result!

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Our goal is to assist business owners to achieve their sales goals on Amazon.  Thus we work closely with our clients to understand their goals and offer the following consulting and management services targeted to optimize their product listings and maximize their potential for increasing rank and revenue on Amazon.

  • Product Listing Optimization – Titles, Bullet Points and Description
  • Image Optimisation and Photo Editing
  • Product Revamping
  • Keyword Research & Ranking
  • Pricing Strategy
  • Managing Customer Reviews
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Amazon Ad Set Up & Reports/Management
  • Product Launch Strategy
  • BSR Strategy
  • Cash Flow Solutions

AMAZON can deliver more sales than virtually any other channel. As Amazon strategists, we focus on four key areas, the Product, the People the Process and your Profits.

The Product
Unlike EBay, Amazon customers look for quality products and are prepared to pay a reasonable, and in some cases, premium price. In turn, satisfied customers will leave quality reviews and high rating. Customers are not happy when a purchase does not deliver on its promise and will readily leave bad reviews, more-so than they will be willing to leave good reviews.

Likewise, savvy manufacturers understand the value of their quality products and appreciate wise investment to promote their product for a higher ROI. Therefore, we only seek to partner with clients who have quality products that deliver on their promise.

The quality of a product listing on Amazon is also important and we understand how best to optimize product listings so as to tap the opportunities in order to maximize sales and get our clients’ products ranked on page one.

The People
The People involved include our client’s team with whom we work closely, Amazon’s customers to whom we’ll increase exposure, demand, sales and 5-star reviews and our network of 2000+ Amazon sellers and other experts with whom we work to meet the challenges that Amazon can present.

The Process
The Process ultimately leads to the level of Profits that we want to achieve. Customers find products to buy on Amazon mostly via keyword searches and we understand the factors that Amazon takes into account when it comes to ranking products in the search results. If you are able to achieve sales volumes on specific keywords your product will move up the Amazon Best Seller Rank (BSR) and, as it does, it is exposed to more and more customers and sales naturally increase.

Our process is very sophisticated and we have specialized tools to achieve these objectives in a calculated and measured way. With that said, the following criteria to becoming an ASCC client are not negotiable:
You MUST be the manufacturer of your product (Private Labelers are not considered to be the manufacturer);
Your product MUST be between $20.00 and $60.00 per unit (can be more, but cannot be less – products may be bundled)
You MUST have a responsive subscription list of 1000+
Your product MUST be Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA)
You MUST have sufficient inventory to simultaneously cover discounted and full-priced sales
You MUST be prepared to offer discounted products of between 30-50% (depending on your circumstances)

Our process is for the savvy business person. It is not for the faint-hearted, but it works! So please note that we are not a match for you if you don’t have any ONE of the above not negotiable criteria in place.

Unfortunately, we do not work with products in the following categories given their nature:
Electronic equipment and accessories
Beauty Products
Clothing and footwear
Videos and DVDs

There is always a cost to get a product going in a new market and in the Amazon ecosystem, the cost is mostly that of discounted inventory required to achieve a level of unit sales for each keyword phrase targeted.

We estimate approximately $180.00 for ongoing monthly expenses, which does not include Amazon Sponsored ads. Other costs depend on the client’s individual circumstances and may include:
Writing of sales copy
Branding and package design
Printing of product inserts
Product Images and styling
Writing and distribution of press release
Facebook advertising
Google AdWords
Bloggers Reviews

Our Fee Structure
Our standard fee structure comprises two components:
1. An upfront on-boarding fee and
2. A commission on net fortnightly payments received from Amazon over and above $1,000.

Our on-boarding fee constitutes a retainer for the first 3 months (approx) and covers, but is not limited to:
Competitor research
Keyword research
Product set-up and optimization
Set-up of promotion codes
Monitoring maturation phase
Conducting promotions over consolidated week of sales
Providing Amazon advice as needed

The Profits
Amazon is very challenging and it takes wherewithal and a considerable amount of expertise to initially win the game. But, if you do, Amazon can, and for many products does, deliver more customer sales daily than virtually any other channel. That is why it is good business sense to work with an Amazon optimization specialist.

So, you have all of the required criteria in place, or you can get all in place in a few short weeks, contact us today and we can discuss how we can structure our process to help you to increase your product’s rank and revenue on Amazon.

We’re looking forward to working with you to achieve your sales revenue on AMAZON!!





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  • Brand/Product/Image Consulting 80%
  • Marketing/Promo Campaigns 50%
  • Amazon Product Optimization 100%
Amazon Seller Central Consulting

The Process


Research of your product and it’s competitors is key to a successful product launch.

Branding the Product

Assuring the appropriate, engaging product packaging is in place and ready to be shipped to Amazon’s fulfillment centers is a critical step.


Promoting your product using various key channels is key to getting your product highly ranked on Amazon.

Frequently Asked Questions

A few questions which may help in your decision to engage with our team.

What kind of clients do you work with?
Primarily our clients manufacture their own high quality products and wish to increase their market share online via the Amazon marketplace.
What types of products do you promote?
Generally our clients are proud of their products because of the quality.  In addition, it is well understood that Amazon customers buy on the basis of quality.  Therefore high quality products that attract 4-5 star ratings is a serious consideration.
Which experts do you draw upon?
Being a member of several closed Amazon Guru groups keeps us fully informed of any changes that Amazon makes to their rules and regulations, and of course to their Ranking Algorithm. Dan Hollings, Marketing ExpertOur mentor and coach is Dan Hollings, one of the top marketing consultants in the world, whose client list has included talk show hosts, NY Times best selling authors, universities, and businesses.

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